Thursday, November 15, 2007

................He's joking right?

I don't know what to say about this. Can we stop pretending that Adam Vinatieri is a kicker? Are you shitting me ShruteSack??? Adam Vinatieri isn't good? Good, meaning satisfactory in quality, he's not good, he's not satisfactory. What the fuck did you wake up and smoke? Adam Vinatieri, who is a career 82.5% kicker, holds the record for most playoff FGs, points, and FGs in the Super Bowl while tied for most FGs in a playoff game (5) which he's done twice, is not even good. He's crap. Take him out back and shoot him. Never mind that he's a major reason the Patriots have two of their three rings and that Peyton finally got his, just last year even, he's garbage. He missed two kicks in crappy weather conditions. Should he have made them? Yes. Am I surprised he missed? Hell yes. And that's the thing. If he's a lot of other kickers you're not nearly as surprised because they're NOT AS GOOD AS VINATIERI. I would still consider Vinatieri one of the elite kickers in the league. But if you think he's gotten old and lost a bit in the leg I'd understand, but that's not enough to consider him less than good. He's still a very good kicker. Here are the only kickers I would seriously consider better than Vinatieri and would possibly, possibly, trust more to make a game-winning kick: Shayne Graham and Rod Bironas. That's it.

Best part of the article? Calling for Mike Vanderjagt. If you're saying someone is no longer good you go to Vanderjagt before Vinatieri. Vanderjagt is the one who missed by about half a football field against Pittsburgh in the playoffs the year before the Colts won the Super Bowl. Vanderjagt is the one who rubbed his fingers because he was so moneeeeeey before shanking a shot against New England in the season opener the year before that. If teams are going to bring back Morton Anderson and Martin Gramatica before trusting Vanderjagt, that should tell you something.

Adam Vinatieri...not "good." Fuckin' moron.

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