Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Define "Upset"

So I'm stuck at work on New Year's Day and want to perform sepuku. To keep up with the games I'm missing I have ESPN's College FB scoreboard open. On the top it has:

UPSET WATCH: #6 Missouri 14, Arkansas 0

First, I refreshed it just now, when it's 38-7 Mizzou in the 4th, so they're really not paying much attention there. Yeah, it's New Year's so I doubt the crack staff is there, but dammit if I'm at work doing my job then I'm gonna bitch when someone else isn't doing theirs.

But secondly, and the real issue here, how the hell is that an "upset watch"??? The #6 team in the land is up by two touchdowns on an unranked team? Is Les Miles running things up in Bristol over the holiday? An SEC team losing to a Big 12 team is automatically an upset watch? Someone please explain the logic here.

Upset Watch: Lions kill and eat a gazelle
Upset Watch: Keg of beer intoxicates whole frat house
Upset Watch: Casinos make money off gamblers
Upset Watch: George Clooney stole my date last night (HA mixed it up on ya with a real upset)

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SRV said...

I was thinking the same thing about the upset watch on MSN.com thursday. #3 Xavier losing by 4 or 5 at the half....wtf? Five points in college basketball is nothing, especially at the half, now five minutes or more into the second half and score is the same then by all means go with the upset watch stuff!
great blog and user name, have seen your comments on KSK alot and wanted to check out your blog. rock on,