Monday, July 2, 2007

You Want a S'more?

And of course you ask, "How can I have some more when I haven't had any yet?" Well ya know what?

You're killing me Smalls.

And that's how this thing is going to go down. Or at least that's the founding concept for this: one more blog among the thousands out there taking the stupidity and ignorance found in sports and ripping it to shreds. My added twist to the sports scene, which I'm sure others do but I will make my job to beat into the ground, will be to channel my inner Great Bambi and provide excuses and explanations for whatever was said/written/done because in the end, it's all just one big misunderstanding. After all, what young lad of 10 wouldn't know who the Great Bambino is? Really, I coulda sworn you said the Great Bambi. And hey, let's go play with this cool ball my dad has that some candy bar chick signed. So, I'll beat this shtick into the ground and after a week or two I'm sure the three people who stumble across this site will make sure they never do so again. But that's fine, I've got my S'mores.

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